4 Ways to get the best deal on a new car…

A vehicle is one of the most expensive purchases we’ll ever make…. so it’s something you need to get right. The large number of models on offer and different recommendations from people is overwhelming.

Here are 4 important things to consider….

1. What exactly are your needs?

Make a list of what you really needs and consider fuel efficiency and cost of maintenance

Compare the cost of services and parts as well as how fuel efficient the car is. Something as simple as an oil filter for an exotic model of car can cost three times more than that of mainstream model of car.

2. Know market prices of the vehicle you want

Visit websites such as carfind.co.za  to compare prices.

3. Financing your car…

Few of us can, but if you are able…. pay cash
Look for shortest term and low interest rates! Even if the monthly repayment seems higher, you will save on interest in the long run.

4. Get best price for old car…

If your old car is in a decent condition you could get a better price.
Ensure you know how much it’s worth by looking online or asking a reputable car dealership.